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Intersection 24: September 18-20

10th global conference on Enterprise Design
  • Conference
  • September 18–20, 2024, 09:00-17:00
  • Rome, Italy

Intersection 24 in Rome

10 years anniversary edition: "The Enterprise on the Edge."

This is Intersection 24, the leading conference on strategic Enterprise Design. This year we're marking our 10th anniversary since our first edition in 2014.

What has changed since we started? We moved beyond discussing theoretical frameworks to collect dozens of cases of practical Enterprise Design. We released EDGY 23, an easy to use Open Source tool for co-creating better enterprises. We launched Intersection Group, a not-for-profit building a global community of practitioners coming from different angles and disciplines.

So what's next? This year, we are looking into enterprises "on the edge".

  • "Cutting Edge" enterprises: Those that seize opportunities, make changes happen and thrive. We're looking for stories of courageous shared ambitions that came to life and made a difference in people's experiences.

  • Enterprises "on edge": Those that face big environmental, societal or ecosystem challenges. We're curious about ways to understand and frame such challenges, reinventing enterprise identities and co-evolving enterprise architectures.

  • EDGY enterprises: Those that are making use of EDGY to build bridges and achieve shared understanding of enterprise elements and facets. We're collecting use cases across the globe to inspire each other and contribute to a rich and growing practice.

We share one challenge: To design and build enterprises that are more purposeful, useful and successful. We are thrilled to invite you to 3 days of inspiring talks, cases and workshops in Rome.

Past editions:
Paris 2014 / Berlin 2015 / Copenhagen 2016 / Barcelona 2017 / Prague 2018 / Lisbon 2019 / Virtual 2020 / Stockholm 2022 / Vienna 2023


Milan Guenther
Milan Guenther President
Intersection Group

Milan is president of Intersection Group and a co-founder of Enterprise Design Associates. 12 years back, Milan launched a social software startup and designed a patented innovation for commercial flight decks. Today he works with enterprises of all shapes and sizes, to make them deliver and useful to people. He's been working with enterprises like Google, SAP, Toyota, ThoughtWorks, OECD and the UN. His first book Intersection introduces this Enterprise Design approach, and he is co-organising the Intersection conference series since 2014. He is co-author of the book Enterprise Design Patterns and key contributor to EDGY, an Open Source tool for co-creating better enterprises, adopted by organisations around the globe.

Guro Røberg
Guro Røberg Head of Realization
Æra Strategic Innovation

As Head of Realization at Æra Strategic Innovation Guro works with high impact projects, helping clients make their sustainable innovations come to life. As an economist from Copenhagen Business School she brings structure to chaos, and enjoys the messiness of innovation and effectiveness of design led processes. In her previous work with EY Doberman, Designit and Netlife she has helped transform some of the biggest brands in Norway (and beyond) into design driven organisations by leading change initiatives from idea to implementation. As an experienced public speaker, she regularly shares her perspectives on podcasts, conferences, teaching and in client work internationally.

Wolfgang Goebl
Wolfgang Goebl President
Intersection Group

Wolfgang Goebl is the founder and President of the Intersection Group and an Enterprise Design Coach and IT Enterprise Architect at Austrian Power Grid. He is one of the authors of the book “Enterprise Design Patterns” and the EDGY language for collaborative Enterprise Design (www.enterprise.design).

Gulay Ozkan
Gulay Ozkan Founder

A global voice, a thought leader, and a renowned entrepreneur, Gulay Ozkan is driven by a fervent commitment to creating impact by humanizing technology through multidimensional research in design and social sciences with her engineering background. She founded companies and organizations like the award-winning GEDS Strategic Design Consultancy, PMI TR, and the Singularity University Istanbul chapter. As a well-recognized global leader, Gulay has been celebrated as one of 10 innovators at the 99% conference in New York (2012) and acknowledged among 20 strategic design experts in Europe by the UK’s Design Council (2016).

Nicolas Petitjean
Nicolas Petitjean Founder
collectivehood & afterstudio

Founder of collectivehood a change & innovation by design network that emphasis on creating innovative services value, experiences for people, clients and their communities. With a master’s degree in Design and an EMBA, Nicolas has more than 20 years of experience in user research, human centered design, growth strategy and entrepreneurship in various levels, with different companies such as Adidas, Decathlon, Hanesbrands, Sodexo, Caran d’Ache among others.

Gerold Kathan
Gerold Kathan Founder
Enterprise Therapy

studied computer science and economics, worked as a software developer and system architect, converged to enterprise architecture, moved on to strategy and organizational development, coo advisor, studied psychotherapy and counseling, worked as digital strategist and advisor, founded a startup, founded enterprise therapy.

Mathieu Roy
Mathieu Roy Lead, Product & Workshop facilitator

From Investment specialist to Product manager to Enterprise designer, Matt's career has always been about generating better ROI... but not just for investors. Mixing 8 years of portfolio management background (MBA, CFA) with 10 years of digital projects experience: you get a unique blend of EDGY colours to build a common language with all stakeholders. From a global rebrand project to Agile transformation to UX community public speaking to SaaS global launch for a 3D studio to hard-learned lessons about enterprise identity, this is actually why he founded STOIX consultancy firm. So that organizations learn to see through multiple lenses to [co]create virtuous circles for any enterprise.

Eric Letarte
Eric Letarte Partner and Facilitator

Eric, with his rich background, has been professionally exploring the digital and innovation strategy landscapes for the past 20 years. Highly skilled at facilitating workshops since 2012, his conviction that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts resonates strongly with his expertise in enterprise design. He works with public or private sectors, from startups to multinationals. While Eric is also passionate about strategic foresight studies, he saves that topic for an expanded version of EDGY. Eric is based in Canada but works worldwide, online or in person.

Jean-Sébastien Daigle
Jean-Sébastien Daigle Founder

Jean-Sébastien's path from a graphic designer to UX designer to enterprise designer is filled with diverse and enriching experiences. With his skills in workshop facilitation, he helped his client to better understand the situation and choose a path forward. Since 2019, he has been an integral part of the Intersection Group, where he leads the development of workshops for the organization. Jean-Sébastien frequently shares his insights on the essential qualities of a designer in various conferences and mentoring sessions. His expertise in enterprise design and commitment to many design communities are evident in his role as a partner at &friends, a consulting firm in Canada.

Klaus Leopold
Klaus Leopold Founder
Flight Levels

Dr. Klaus Leopold is a computer scientist and management consultant who has been supporting companies worldwide in developing their organizations for 15 years. He is the creator of Flight Levels, a revolutionary, lightweight, and cost-effective approach to modern organizational development. Klaus has authored several books on business agility, including "Flight Levels" and "Rethinking Agile". In his early years as a management consultant, Klaus focused intensively on Kanban and wrote two standard works on this topic: "Practical Kanban" and "Kanban Change Leadership". Klaus is the founder of the Flight Levels Academy (flightlevels.io) and LEANability.com. You can follow him on social media @klausleopold.

Regine Deleu
Regine Deleu Executive Director
Di-Phy Innovations Ltd

Regine Deleu is an expert in digital transformation and innovation with extensive experience in leading large-scale technology projects. Her accolades include the Innovator of the Year Award and the Excellence in Technology Leadership Award, recognizing her significant contributions to integrating advanced digital twin technologies to enhance urban infrastructure and transport efficiency.

Maria Zenina
Maria Zenina Enterprise Business Architect

Maria is a life-long learner passionate about Enterprise Design, Business Architecture and Problem Solving. She has experience in both consulting, and client organizations across multiple industries from government sector to children entertainment, international e-commerce, and energy. Maria currently resides in Toronto, Canada with her husband and 2 kids. In her free time, she enjoys bread making, construction and volunteering to promote STEM careers with school-aged children.

Mila Dymchenko
Mila Dymchenko Sr Program Manager

Mila Dymchenko is a seasoned Program Manager with 20 years of experience in Telecom, Finance, and Utility Services industries. She is known for her operational expertise, talent of persuasion, passion for design and innovation. Over the past decade Mila has delivered over 100 multi-scaled initiatives, applying variety of tools and techniques. With strong background in Business Management, Scaled Agile and Waterfall methodologies, she has been instrumental in driving forward technology and business solution delivery. Mila is currently leading Enterprise Program stream to help transform and re-design the telecommunications service experience for Canadian businesses.

Daniel Gona
Daniel Gona Strategy Coach

Daniel is a design thinker who became educated economist and systemic coach ending up in the world of management consulting. After working in digital communication and ict research, co-founding startups, driving strategy consulting practices and managing new work teams Daniel focusses on activating enterprises to do more with less, moving swiftly from idea to action to secure sustainable growth.

Arian Jacobs
Arian Jacobs Business Designer & Business Development engineer
Spronq full service innovation studio

Arian Jacobs likes to connect business and technology. About 20 years ago she started as an information analyst combined with management and teaching. Her expertise lies in embedding new methods for Business -IT alignment into the actual business processes in a variety of industries. Her drive is to bring people together from heterogenous professional backgrounds, by creating overall agreement on goals and strategy, by helping to achieve a shared model for communication and operation.

Sonia Aracil
Sonia Aracil Design Strategist

Sonia Aracil is a strategic designer a 25+ experience in consultancy companies. This journey has provided her with a solid experience on researching cutting ways to escape them.

Flavio Fabiani
Flavio Fabiani Co-Creation Explorer

I am a man on a journey, who has experienced passions, joys, sorrows, and who has had the opportunity to meet other people along the way. When I meet a person, I always meet a part of myself as well, which fascinates me. And in the meeting of a person, I meet the potential of a relationship, which moves me. I understand myself in relationships, and for this, I love all the roles that life has to offer. I love people! And people from cultures far away from my own allow me to experience wonderful encounters: all my senses are awakened to the fullest in order to understand those cultural aspects that cannot be taken for granted, as opposed to when meeting a fellow compatriot. I wish for a world in which the inhabitants have the possibility to live with their full creative potential in relation to others.

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By participating in our event you agree to abide by the Code of Conduct for Intersection Group events.


Wednesday, September 18, 2024

Thursday, September 19, 2024

Friday, September 20, 2024


Lumsa University

Lumsa University
Via di Porta Castello, 44
00193 Rome

Lumsa University
Lumsa University


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