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StratEDGY - activating the ZHdK living strategy

  • Conference Talk
  • September 20, 2024,14:00-14:30
  • Rome, Italy

StratEDGY - activating the ZHdK living strategy

ZHdK decided for a living strategy to react to and enact with its dynamic environment. The board co-created a strategic aspiration (motto, mission, values and moals).

How might…

  • strategy be implemented and operationalized?
  • stakeholders participate?
  • established processes and ongoing projects be integrated?
  • state governance and lean resource boundaries be respected?

Utilizing EDGY and curating best practices (strategy cascade, lpm, mmt30…) a meta model and tailored operating model was designed: stratEDGY. (Naming stolen from Mathieu Roy ????)

Differently to legacy strategy work, this modern strategizing approach is

  • closing the strategy gap
  • holistic and inclusive
  • simple and fractal

StratEDGY is introduced on the job in workshops and redesigned board meetings.
Two priority themes (organization and offering) have been worked on in the framework.

Closing the first stratEDGY loop the universities board has high confidence in stratEDGY.


Daniel Gona
Daniel Gona Strategy Coach

Daniel is a design thinker who became educated economist and systemic coach ending up in the world of management consulting. After working in digital communication and ict research, co-founding startups, driving strategy consulting practices and managing new work teams Daniel focusses on activating enterprises to do more with less, moving swiftly from idea to action to secure sustainable growth.

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