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Pioneering Strategic Narratives: Bridging Vision and Action

  • Conference Talk
  • September 19, 2024,11:30-12:00
  • Rome, Italy

Pioneering Strategic Narratives: Bridging Vision and Action

In today's complex landscape, traditional business models are faltering against economic, technological, and societal pressures. interactions speak volumes and relationships shape value propositions. Businesses face a critical challenge: reconciling present constraints with future uncertainties.

Strategic Narratives craft a frame of reference that transcends limitations of our capitalistic financial culture fostering resonance and meaning across every relationship the company has grown or will do. It centers on crafting resonant narratives that integrate past, present, and future identity, fostering alignment between strategy, vision, and execution.

As strategic designers, we harness the power of EDGY language, ensuring universal relevance and resonance as well as applicability, enabling organizations to embrace change and seize opportunities with confidence.


Sonia Aracil
Sonia Aracil Design Strategist

Sonia Aracil is a strategic designer a 25+ experience in consultancy companies. This journey has provided her with a solid experience on researching cutting ways to escape them.

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