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Unveiling an “EDGY” Customer Journey of an FMCG company

  • Conference Talk
  • September 20, 2024,11:00-11:30
  • Rome, Italy

Unveiling an “EDGY” Customer Journey of an FMCG company

Explore how FMCG enterprises can leverage customer journey mapping with MEGA HOPEX to drive sustainable growth. Using the example of a large FMCG company, discover the EDGY way of creating better enterprises. Learn how stakeholder engagement, co-creation, and visualization of customer journeys leads to actionable insights and tangible results. Through the lens of Enterprise Design Facets, see how journey mapping aligns with identity, architecture, and experience elements, impacting the way businesses operate. Gain practical insight, guiding FMCG enterprises towards lasting success.


Christoph Stühmer
Christoph Stühmer Software Consultant
EAM Trusted Advisor GmbH

Christoph Stühmer is a seasoned Software Consultant at Trusted Advisor, specializing in Enterprise Architecture and IT Service Management. With extensive experience in implementing Enterprise Architecture Management solutions, he excels in facilitating organizational transformation and driving business success. Christoph holds a diploma in Business Administration from the Technische Hochschule Brandenburg and is a certified ServiceNow System Administrator.

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