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Enterprise-Therapy in EDGY times - Are you ready for that ride?

  • Conference Talk
  • September 19, 2024,11:00-11:30
  • Rome, Italy

Enterprise-Therapy in EDGY times - Are you ready for that ride?

Enterprise-Therapy addresses and aims to heal deep dysfunctions within organizations and social systems by applying a holistic and therapeutical approach. It differentiates against conventional coaching and consulting practices by going far deeper and demanding a much higher reflection and problem awareness of the "client".

Enterprise Design and especially EDGY offers a sweet spot by establishing a common language and notation which is extremely important in a therapeutical setting. it complements the more humanistic spin of enterprise-therapy with a formal and consistent model.

In my talk I will first introduce the high level idea and concept of Enterprise-Therapy and will then focus on practical examples and real-life stories, also with consideration how Enterprise Design / EDGY helps in the process


Gerold Kathan
Gerold Kathan Founder
Enterprise Therapy

studied computer science and economics, worked as a software developer and system architect, converged to enterprise architecture, moved on to strategy and organizational development, coo advisor, studied psychotherapy and counseling, worked as digital strategist and advisor, founded a startup, founded enterprise therapy.

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