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Digital Transformation in 2024 and why EDGY was key in accomplishing it

  • Conference Talk
  • September 20, 2024,10:30-11:00
  • Rome, Italy

Digital Transformation in 2024 and why EDGY was key in accomplishing it

Cardif's purpose is to empower our clients/partners to reach their dreams. This vision is very ambitious and also very vague and hard to achieve without a focus that is founded on the identity of the company, and a good understanding of it's capabilities and organization.

Currently the company is continuing it's transformation and move to a platform based model and different countries and entities of the group are coming together to work as a single organism and there are cultural, technological, and organizational challenges of identity of the company that are interacting with one another to realize this change. EDGY and the teachings of the Intersection Group have helped overcome many of the hurdles in global corporate transformation and realizing the transition from a siloed company into a one team one dream approach that helped launch or global platform starting in Colombia in May. This session will share the approach, and usage patterns of EDGY and the enterprise design approach


Goh Hirose
Goh Hirose Artist, Entrepreneur, and Head of Digital
BNP Paribas Cardif

International upbringing (US, Germany, Japan) lead to interests in culture and people, also studies of how the mind works. Passionate about arts, innovation and the well being of society. Early career started in aviation industry IT, and knowledge management. After launching a design agency, client work expanded to management consulting, spanning different domains from health & beauty, energy, and the entertainment industry. Currently focused on projects related to well-being (financial/health&beauty/energy) that empower people to better understand themselves so that they can reach fulfilling goals in life.

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