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How to leverage knowledge of organisational solutions in biology, in human organisations.

Virtual X23 Interactive Session
  • Conference Talk
  • November 22, 2023,6 pm - 7 pm Central European (Vienna, Paris, Berlin)
  • Online

How to leverage knowledge of organisational solutions in biology, in human organisations.

In his talk, Adam Timlett will show us how biological organisms can be useful and accurate analogs of human organisations, if the translation to human organisational theory is done carefully and with rigor using high quality biology theory.

Organisations are difficult to understand when they become too big to be experienced by one person. They are even difficult to understand from a scientific perspective since they are difficult to analyse using controlled experiments. Because biological organisms are similar enough to human organisations, and nature selects them for viability, biology can give us useful and accurate information about what makes human organisations viable & non-viable, based on high quality theory from hundreds of thousands of controlled experiments on biological organisms.


Adam Timlett
Adam Timlett Analytics Manager, Director
Turing Meta

Adam is the founder of Turing Meta www.turingmeta.org, a consultancy for translating scientific research in biology into actionable insights for better team coordination and organisation. He also works for Phonographic Performance Limited, and has worked in the IT sector for a long while across various industries. He continues to carry out research and collaborate with professional researchers at Imperial College, London, and in industry. He has given presentations at various conferences and universities some of which can also be found on www.turingmeta.org. He is also a member of Promoting Economic Pluralism and the Model Driven Engineering Network, MDENet.


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