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Intersection Academy

To get you up to speed with your Enterprise Design practice, our Intersection Academy offers a range of training courses. Choose a format and level that fits your and your team's needs.

EDGY Online Training: Language Foundations

Join our cohort based training to get started using EDGY, a visual language for collaborative Enterprise Design. Over four weeks you will learn to use the Enterprise Design Facets to frame and tackle challenges, to uncover the relevant Enterprise Elements and map our their interplay, and to chart a path towards your enterprise's future.

What you will learn
  • Week 1: Enterprise Design Facets and base elements
  • Week 2: Enterprise Identity
  • Week 3: Enterprise Architecture
  • Week 4: Enterprise Experience

Duration: 6 weeks

Format: remote sessions with 5-7 hours of weekly workload

Cost: 950€ per participant

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Getting started with Enterprise Design

An initiation to the collaborative practice of Enterprise Design, this course teaches participants a new way to look at the enterprise as a whole that as subject to purposeful change effort, and at design and architecture practice as a way to bring about a meaningful future. This course is designed for change agents regardless of a particular background, working from inside or outside the organisation, to get familiar with the rationale behind Enterprise Design and get an overview of tools, techniques and relevant cases.

What you will learn
  • Typical challenges and starting points, when and why to do Enterprise Design
  • How to recognise well designed enterprises and symptoms of bad Enterprise Design
  • Navigating enterprise challenges and generating strategic options using the Facet model
  • Applying Enterprise Design Patterns to recurring challenges and situations
  • An open conversation of how to best get started in your enterprise

Duration: 4 hours

Format: remote or on-site (travel expenses to be charged separately)

Cost: 400€ per participant, team discounts available

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