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Milky Way Enterprise Map

With Annika Klyver and Milan Guenther
  • Webinar
  • June 22, 2022,9am Paris, Berlin
  • Online

Bridge the gaps with Milky Way enterprise maps

You brought together all the stakeholders, you set an ambitious goal to shift your business, and you triggered a significant change process.

But then it fell apart. That reorganisation messed up the responsibilities. The customer insights turned out to be just assumptions. The IT applications were too hard to change, and the regulations were too constraining. And your stakeholders were not that convinced after all. What just happened?

In this session, Annika and Milan will show you a mapping technique for facilitating enterprise-level change by design. Based on an overarching model of Enterprise Design Facets and Elements, a Milky Way map captures the value cycle of the enterprise as a system. If used as a true anchor model, it opens up the conversation on your Enterprise Design: what you can do, where to go next, and what to change to get there.

Key takeaways

  • How to draw your enterprise on a napkin: learn - how to establish a business geography to facilitate joint wayfinding between stakeholders
  • Reveal the links: map out how your enterprise pursues its purpose, the capabilities it relies on to deliver, and the experience outcomes it enables for customers and others
  • Have the right conversations: how to create clarity when developing product strategy, business transformation or investment options, collaboratively and visually
  • Stories, insights and lessons learned from a variety of engagements at the intersection between business architecture, organisation and experience design


Annika Klyver
Annika Klyver Core Team
Intersection Group

Annika Klyver’s work is about making transformations in large organisations happen. She has worked with Enterprise and Information Architecture for over 15 years. She has experience from numerous change and architecture programs in several business lines. Her background is in controlling, business development and within project portfolio management. She has also been a highly appreciated teacher in EA since 2011. Annika is a thought leader in Business Architecture, the ways of working, the visualization of business architecture and she is constantly looking for better ways to create great Enterprises. She is a speaker at international conferences. Annika is a Business Designer/Architect at Scania.

Milan Guenther
Milan Guenther President
Intersection Group

Milan’s work is about design applied to the enterprise level. He is president of Intersection Group and a co-founder of Enterprise Design Associates. Milan works with enterprises of all shapes and sizes to bring entrepreneurship to life: designing brands, products and organisations, operations and systems, to make enterprises actually deliver and be useful to people. His first book Intersection introduces this Enterprise Design approach, and he has been co-organising the Intersection conference series since 2014. He is co-author of Enterprise Design Patterns, and teaches design for innovation and transformation at Telecom Paris and Sciences Po Paris.

Watch the recording

Watch Annika and Milan presenting our vision of Milky Way enterprise maps.