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From Product Capabilities to Enterprise Roadmap

  • Conference Talk
  • September 19, 2024,14:00-14:30
  • Rome, Italy

From Product Capabilities to Enterprise Roadmap

1 year ago, I gave a conference titled “From Product Management to Enterprise Design” in which I told the story of how I discovered & applied EDGY to prepare the global launch of a 3D platform. I also confessed how finding it earlier could have changed the “game” for our team, since the service-based identity struggles of our company ultimately killed our product, architecture, experience and brand successes. Since then, I’ve been serial-testing many Enterprise Design prototypes as a consultant; namely for an award-winning Agtech startup expanding into non-profit projects territory. From their initial need to build product management capabilities, this journey led us:

  • from “Follow the money” story mapping that uncovers brand opportunities;
  • to “EDGYmoji” workshop revealing key elements in new visual ways;
  • to Enterprise Scan experiment between company owners and NPO board members;
  • to Enterprise Roadmap shocking insights that no product roadmap could ever reveal.

and much more!


Mathieu Roy
Mathieu Roy Lead, Product & Workshop facilitator

From Investment specialist to Product manager to Enterprise designer, Matt's career has always been about generating better ROI... but not just for investors. Mixing 8 years of portfolio management background (MBA, CFA) with 10 years of digital projects experience: you get a unique blend of EDGY colours to build a common language with all stakeholders. From a global rebrand project to Agile transformation to UX community public speaking to SaaS global launch for a 3D studio to hard-learned lessons about enterprise identity, this is actually why he founded STOIX consultancy firm. So that organizations learn to see through multiple lenses to [co]create virtuous circles for any enterprise.

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