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The innovator's drama

  • Conference
  • September 18, 2023,10:30-11:00
  • Vienna, Austria

The innovator's drama

Developing what's needed up to realization and delivery is often a mystery. Doing so with multiple actors is a drama. This is the central theme of my book - The Innovators Drama.

Articulating the right tasks in the right places of an enterprise is often accompanied by disagreements, confusion, and anxieties that blur our attention to critical issues and undermine high-impact transformations.

This talk will:

  1. Explain the mechanics of dramas and how they interfere with our ability to address critical innovation dilemmas.
  2. Introduce the five lacunas that spark dramas.
  3. Explain how we can decipher and translate dramas to high-impact enterprise design challenges.
  4. Share stories on how I used mindfulness to dramas as a primer to enterprise design principles in organizations like The prime Minister's office, Israel's social security, NGOs, and industry companies.


Yorai Gabriel
Yorai Gabriel Owner

Developer, Architect, Co-founder of four startups, and product innovation leader. During the past 13 years, I've taught innovation management and enterprise design and advised in multiple sectors and industries on innovation operations. During my career, I became intrigued by the frustrations of innovators. As a result, I recently published my book - The Innovators Drama - which explores drama as a social technology that helps accelerate progress and prosperity when attended to mindfully.

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