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Turning change resistance into a sustainable force for change

  • Conference Workshop
  • September 18, 2023,13:30-15:00
  • Vienna, Austria

Turning change resistance into a sustainable force for change

When change happens, people’s natural tendency is to resist, even when they agree that the change is necessary. In this workshop we explore why people resist change and how we can turn the source of that resistance into a sustainable force for change, rather than against it.


Bard Papegaaij
Bard Papegaaij Author
Intersection Group

I am a practitioner, coach and writer with a deep compassion for the human condition and a burning desire to help people live better lives, do better work and create a more sustainable and socially connected society in the process. I have a uniquely pragmatic approach to these challenges. I break complex concepts down into simple, compelling and powerful stories, frameworks and models. My keynotes and workshops give people practical tools and ways to take control of their own development. And my very personal style, sprinkled with humour, anecdotes and pearls of wisdom, engage and motivate audiences to see beyond the obvious and the limited, into a future in which anything is possible. Throughout 35+ years of working with organisations all over the planet I have helped individuals and organisations with maturing their awareness and mastery of their individual and collective emotional abilities; creating more inspiring and sustainable approaches to leadership and team development; and taking responsibility for the future evolution of their organisational cultures. I have authored and co-authored books on Machine Translation, Personal Development and Enterprise Design.

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