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How to change without losing one’s soul?

A story of navigating change in the nonprofit sector.
  • September 19, 2023,10:30-11:00

How to change without losing one’s soul?

Changing organisations is always a daring task. But what happens if organisation designers are tasked to redesign their own organisation? Join us, as we delve into the challenges of transforming the European Organisation Design Forum (EODF), a nonprofit community for organisation designers. We will discuss the complexities of redesigning the operating model, rebranding, and embracing digitalization while trying to stay true to our values – all within the boundaries of an organisation run by volunteers.


Tilman Engels
Tilman Engels Board Member & Enterprise Architect
European Organisation Design Forum

It's Tilman's passion to lead teams in designing better organisations and brand experiences. Having built effective supply chains and appealing customer experiences, mostly in the automotive and transportation industry, he learned how crucial it is to look at the wider enterprise architecture and organisational design to drive long-lasting transformations. He believes that most inspiring and innovative work gets done by staying curious, being pragmatic in finding solutions and working with people across different disciplines and backgrounds.

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