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Creating sustainable global impact in international development organisations

A case from OECD OPSI
  • Conference Talk
  • September 19, 2023,11:00-11:30
  • Vienna, Austria

Creating sustainable global impact in international development organisations

International development organizations create and implement aid programs and initiatives, totaling around $186 billion in 2021, that foster economic, social, and environmental progress in low and middle-income countries. These organisations must innovate and evolve to adapt their investment portfolios to the changing needs of aid recipients and to support achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. These organisations must also adapt and redesign themselves to deliver assistance in entirely new ways.

The Innovation for Development Facility at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) developed an innovation portfolio analysis service to enable development organisations to rethink their portfolio of innovation investments and take action to evolve their portfolios. The talk will include insights and practical lessons based on experiences in Iceland and Belgium on how the approach can interrogate misalignment between an organisation’s stated agenda and its actions, design new organisational capabilities and processes, avoid stagnation and obsolescence, and activate development partners and ecosystems in the process.


Tomomi Sasaki
Tomomi Sasaki Partner

Tomomi Sasaki is a designer and partner at the design studio AQ, leading projects that deliver useful digital products and services for clients around the world. She is a frequent collaborator of Enterprise Design Associates, bringing design research and facilitation expertise to challenges like organizational culture change (Toyota Motor Europe), capability development for digital transformation (AccorHotels) and innovation portfolio management in the public sector (OECD). Tomomi is interested in how we design the conditions for independent-minded individuals to grow and thrive together. To that end, she works on capacity building and instrumentation for decentralized organizing with the collective Greaterthan, and hosts a group coaching program called Emotions at Work. Tomomi was born in Japan, spent her childhood in sunny California, then lived in Tokyo for almost two decades. She’s been based in Paris, France since late 2014 and delights in being on the road.

Angela Hanson
Angela Hanson Innovation Lead

Angela Hanson is an innovation lead at the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). She directs work around innovation capability-building in public sector organisations, with a focus on anticipatory innovation and futures thinking to prepare governments for and respond to futures that demand radically new approaches. She also researches and advises governments around the world on their public sector innovation portfolios and aligning both the organisational capabilities and authorising environment around public sector missions and policy goals, including in international development organisations. Previously, Angela has also worked in public administrations in the United States, including in city-level innovation and policy offices and state agencies. Angela believes that public service is the thorniest but most worthy challenge in organisational design.

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