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From product to enterprise design

EDGY User Day Session
  • Conference
  • September 20, 2023,13:00-14:00
  • Vienna, Austria

From product to enterprise design

For the past 10 years, SmartPixel has been an industry leader in the creation of 3D touchscreen experiences. However, the C-level management team has always succeeded to do so by commercializing high-end, custom, isolated & complex applications through turnkey, waterfall services.

Almost 2 years ago, I was hired as Lead Product to envision, package & democratize their expertise & IPs in a no-code, do-it-yourself, evolutive & accessible SaaS platform.

In recent months, I’ve been leveraging the EDGY framework to facilitate everyone’s comprehension (internal & external stakeholders) of all key parts that allow us to craft a sustainable, differentiated and Agile spinoff enterprise.

I will tell you all about how enterprise design has helped me identify the most discussed topics (i.e. architecture, product), magnify the most forgotten aspects (i.e. identity, brand, organisation) and simplify how to fill in the blanks about the experience, story and community we want to build as a group.


Mathieu Roy
Mathieu Roy Lead, Product & Workshop facilitator

Throughout my career, I've been attracted to (or attracting) business shifts: Sales Manager in a bank opened on weeknights & weekends; years before online banking. First Product Owner in history of renown branding agency to pilot Agile transformation. Head of Strategy for a tech startup in contactless experiences; right before Covid-19. Lead Product of a 3D projects creation platform (months before the Metaverse reveal). I love to balance my knowledge on experiences (UX), business (ROI) & tech.

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