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Sustainability in action

  • Conference
  • September 18, 2023,11:00-11:30
  • Vienna, Austria

Sustainability in action

Over the years we have seen a shift in mentality and urgency among our clients as the accelerating climate crisis threatens their businesses. At our design agency based in Paris, we have pivoted our design practice and framed new offers in response to this need.

Our approach to sustainability, dubbed “Sustainability in Action”, evokes the tangible, practicable and evolutive nature of integrating sustainability into the fold.

Our most recent co-creation engagements with a client in the energy sector has resulted in several streams of work embedding sustainability and circularity across the value chain, from:

  • making decarbonisation accessible and actionable
  • forecasting and designing for tomorrow’s sustainability landscape

Our goal is to make sustainability a transversal topic, unlock new business opportunities, and instil long-lasting organisational change; all the while ensuring our solutions are operational and actionable so that results are visible much earlier on in the process.


Shruti Nivas
Shruti Nivas Senior Service Designer
Attoma Assist Digital France

Shruti is a senior service designer at Assist Digital France, applying multi-disciplinary design practices to tackle sustainability issues for major industrial clients. She has worked in the domains of energy management, healthcare, financial services and diversity & inclusion: often intersecting user needs with their capacity and inclination to change their behaviour for the sake of society and the planet.

Andrea Donadel
Andrea Donadel Managing Director
Attoma Assist Digital France

As Managing Director at Assist Digital France, Andrea pilots its sustainability vertical which addresses the decarbonisation and energy transition goals of clients in the industrial sector. This is backed by his 2 decades of experience driving innovative solutions promoting energy efficiency and sustainability in the energy sector. A father, engineer, and proponent of innovation and arts, Andrea believes that the sustainability paradoxes can be solved only by cooperation and technology sharing.

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