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Sustainable Enterprise Design with digital twins of central banks

  • Conference
  • September 19, 2023,13:30-14:00
  • Vienna, Austria

Sustainable Enterprise Design with digital twins of central banks

Most of the work I do is for central banks - we model the ecosystem of a central bank/economy into a digital twin. The digital twin is captured as a system dynamics model. This allows the execution and experimentation of certain strategic scenarios in a simulation tool called Stella Architect. eg. balancing the economy to maintain reserves and liquidity etc. Policy experimentation etc

I also run innovation activities for the World Bank - some of the strategic innovation and design activities we have been through deal with things like climate markets, water supply issues, and natural resource balancing against economic drivers. We are in the process of bringing these two worlds together - the digital twin simulation and strategic innovation.


Craig Martin
Craig Martin Strategic Designer

Dude who loves to (try) solve complex problems. Do cool stuff for small and big business. Merge strategy and design into strategic design, merge business architecture and design into business design. Built big and small organisations from the ground up. Climate markets, ESG volatility and materiality, circular economy and fungability for textile and fashion, financial markets, liquidity & reserves management, financial stability, protection against financial collapse, government elections.

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