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A carefree feeling: Enterprise Design for a pension insurer

EDGY User Day Session
  • Conference
  • September 20, 2023,11:00-12:00
  • Vienna, Austria

A carefree feeling: Enterprise Design for a pension insurer

What a carefree feeling it is to know that your pension is in good hands and that there is enough money to live the life you envisioned when you retired. This is the Zwitserleven feeling (literally translated as the Swiss Life feeling). This slogan is so powerful that nearly everyone in The Netherlands knows this expression today.

The Dutch government is preparing a new pensions act that changes the nature of the pension system of the Netherlands completely. How do we keep all disciplines aligned, keep all facets balanced while inventing and adjusting products to comply with this new pension act?

What are the non-regrettable moves, even if the act doesn’t pass parliament? In what way does a common language, Edgy, help in this turbulent process? How do we learn from our mistakes? That is what this talk is about.

We will take you along on our design journey. Join us in the awkwardness and joy of adjusting our enterprise to keep the Zwitserleven feeling alive.


Arian Jacobs
Arian Jacobs Business Designer & Business Development engineer
Spronq full service innovation studio

Arian Jacobs likes to connect business and technology. About 20 years ago she started as an information analyst combined with management and teaching. Her expertise lies in embedding new methods for Business -IT alignment into the actual business processes in a variety of industries. Her drive is to bring people together from heterogenous professional backgrounds, by creating overall agreement on goals and strategy, by helping to achieve a shared model for communication and operation.

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