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Intersection 22 opening session
  • Conference Talk
  • September 26, 2022,09:00-09:15
  • Stockholm, Sweden


Your hosts say hi and welcome.


Guro Røberg
Guro Røberg Nordic Innovation Director
EY Doberman

Guro's focus is on product innovation in her work as Nordic Innovation Director at EY Doberman and co-founder of their Oslo studio. As an economist from Copenhagen Business School she brings structure to chaos, and enjoys the messiness of innovation and effectiveness of design led processes. In her previous work with Designit and Netlife she has helped transform some of the biggest brands in Norway (and beyond) into customer oriented organisations by delivering high impact design projects within the digital space. Engaging in difficult conversations with curious people is her favourite thing, and she regularly contributes with thought leadership on podcasts, conferences, teaching and in client work internationally.

Wolfgang Goebl
Wolfgang Goebl President
Intersection Group

Wolfgang Goebl is the founder and President of the Intersection Group, and a lateral thinker and visionary with a passion for challenging state-of-the-practice concepts from new and exciting viewpoints. He’s been working in the field of Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) in several large companies in Austria for fourteen years now. He is a recognized speaker at various EAM conferences and author of several publications in journals in Germany and Austria.

Milan Guenther
Milan Guenther President
Intersection Group

Milan’s work is about design applied to the enterprise level. He is president of Intersection Group and a co-founder of Enterprise Design Associates. Milan works with enterprises of all shapes and sizes to bring entrepreneurship to life: designing brands, products and organisations, operations and systems, to make enterprises actually deliver and be useful to people. His first book Intersection introduces this Enterprise Design approach, and he has been co-organising the Intersection conference series since 2014. He is co-author of Enterprise Design Patterns, key contributor to EDGY, and teaches design for innovation and transformation at Telecom Paris and Sciences Po Paris.

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