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Beyond Boundaries: Envisioning the Symbiosis Between Corporations and the Living World

  • Conference Talk
  • September 19, 2024,10:30-11:00
  • Rome, Italy

Beyond Boundaries: Envisioning the Symbiosis Between Corporations and the Living World

"Beyond Boundaries" emerges as a pioneering study that delves deep into the future dynamics between corporations and the living world. This thought-provoking exploration, set against the backdrop of June 2024, challenges the conventional paradigms, proposing a future where businesses and biology converge in unexpected, transformative ways. This work unfurls a narrative that is both a caution and a call to action. From the foundational principles of thermodynamics and the intricate ballet of ecosystems to the sprawling complexities of Big Corps, this work navigates through the uncharted territories of strategic narratives, speculative design, and systemic thinking. This is not just a study; it's a manifesto for a new paradigm, where the future of enterprise and the living world are inextricably intertwined, promising a horizon brimming with possibilities, challenges, and the undying hope for a harmonious coexistence.


Nicolas Petitjean
Nicolas Petitjean Founder
collectivehood & afterstudio

Founder of collectivehood a change & innovation by design network that emphasis on creating innovative services value, experiences for people, clients and their communities. With a master’s degree in Design and an EMBA, Nicolas has more than 20 years of experience in user research, human centered design, growth strategy and entrepreneurship in various levels, with different companies such as Adidas, Decathlon, Hanesbrands, Sodexo, Caran d’Ache among others.

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