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Enterprise Design Creation Patterns

With Annika Klyver
  • Webinar
  • June 2, 2021
  • Online

How to design creations that your co-designers love to connect to.

The collaborative Enterprise Design process produces many creations. These often start with rough sketches that turn into detailed design maps over time. Principles get written down to guide design and realisation activities. Management instruments help people make the right decisions. The enterprise core map aggregates and summarises the more detailed design creations. A collaborative Enterprise Design process only works if all co-creators can understand and relate to each other’s creations and contributions. To achieve this, all creations must be designed to make them as easily accessible and inducive to co-creation as possible. In this 100% live webinar with Annika Klyver and Wolfgang Goebl you'll learn patterns that provide guidance on properties that make creations better suited for a successful collaborative Enterprise Design process for example: - Why it’s mission-critical to come up with beautiful creations that use common, human language; - How a co-created enterprise core map and capturing stories helps create the necessary shared understanding; - How focusing on certain moments in time helps the creation process; - How to create tools sparking change as a multiplier of your Enterprise Design efforts; - Why you should simulate or prototype the experience of your design as it will be in the real world; - How to co-create management instruments that aggregate the statusquo and help in making big decisions


Annika Klyver
Annika Klyver Core Team
Intersection Group

Annika Klyver’s work is about making transformations in large organisations happen. She has worked with Enterprise and Information Architecture for over 15 years. She has experience from numerous change and architecture programs in several business lines. Her background is in controlling, business development and within project portfolio management. She has also been a highly appreciated teacher in EA since 2011. Annika is a thought leader in Business Architecture, the ways of working, the visualization of business architecture and she is constantly looking for better ways to create great Enterprises. She is a speaker at international conferences. Annika is a Business Designer/Architect at Scania.

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