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Capability Maps - the next generation to design adaptive organisations

With Wolfgang Goebl
  • Webinar
  • April 21, 2021
  • Online

Bring your Capability Maps to the next level!

Be there - April 21st, 4pm Berlin, Paris - when Wolfgang Goebl presents our design patterns for next generation capability modeling. You will learn: - practical patterns to create capability maps that are easy to read and understand - why most capability modeling efforts fail and how to overcome the usual problems - how to connect other elements of the architecture with capabilities - how to run a broad elicitation process with all relevant stakeholders - how to use capability maps in corporate management


Wolfgang Goebl
Wolfgang Goebl President
Intersection Group

Wolfgang Goebl is the founder and President of the Intersection Group, and a lateral thinker and visionary with a passion for challenging state-of-the-practice concepts from new and exciting viewpoints. He’s been working in the field of Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) in several large companies in Austria for fourteen years now. He is a recognized speaker at various EAM conferences and author of several publications in journals in Germany and Austria.

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Be there - April 16th, 4pm Berlin, Paris - when Wolfgang presents our vision of next-generation Capability Maps.