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Enterprise Design Behavioral Patterns

With Bard Papegaaij
  • Webinar
  • October 13, 2021,9am Berlin, Paris (CEST)
  • Online

How to behave to build better relationships and collaboration.

Your Enterprise Designers’ role is to ensure that the overall business & IT landscape is designed for the purpose and stays adaptive to changing market demands. To be able to do this, you need to collaborate with many people. Having no formal authority over the vast majority of your stakeholders and co-creators, you rely on their interpersonal skills to fulfill their enterprise-wide role. You need to be able to build relationships that go beyond the purely transactional. You need to help them trust you and see you as a partner and co-creator, not as an order-taker, supplier, or external party with interests counter to their own. Most importantly, you need to realize that every interaction with a stakeholder, however fleeting, is a chance to influence their thinking and nudge their decisions in another direction.

This webinar with Bard Papegaaij provides guidance on how to behave when interacting with your many stakeholders to build better relationships and collaboration.

You will learn things like:

How to ask powerful questions;
What you can do to improve your listening skills;
How to build the trusted relations you need for your task.


Bard Papegaaij
Bard Papegaaij Core Team
Intersection Group

Bard has spent his entire career working on the human aspects of technology, work, business and society. He is pleading for a ‘re-humanisation’ of our approach to everything, which means putting purpose and meaning over profit and efficiency, passion and vision over cold rationality, and well-being over wealth. His contribution to this shift is him training, coaching and mentoring hundreds of individuals and teams in team-dynamics, leadership, organisational culture and business transformation, as well as (co-)authoring books and articles on this topic.

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